Fokus på Jesus och evangelium / Focus on Jesus and the gospel

Jesus solves catch 22

You do not usually wash yourself clean before taking a shower.  A doctor does not tell anyone who is ill to be healthy first and then seek medical attention.  A hospital does not have the slogan – “Only healthy people are welcome”.  As Christians, we must ensure that we do not, with our attitude or preaching, make people believe – that they must “be saved, sanctified or qualified” before they can receive grace.. Read More

The Man

 He who did not clench His fists but opened them and was nailed to a cross, He is a real man.  He prayed for those who crucified Him.  In his heart He loved His enemies, He hated or threatened not.  There and then, through His atoning sacrifice, He broke the power of darkness.  The vicious circle is broken.  Not through hatred, threats and violence but through love and reconciliation.  The Man rose from.. Read More