“You are My friends if you do whatever I command you.” John 15:14

Jesus is wonderful and He is Lord.  Jesus is not a harsh Lord, but neither is He wimpish.  The wonderful thing about Jesus is that He walked here on earth and showed an example in lifestyle in action, not just in words.  As you probably know, He also gave His life for us on the cross so we can be reconciled to God.  So we can know that what Jesus said in His word, Jesus’ commands, they come from a loving heart.

 Every human being is invited to become a friend with Jesus.  It starts with opening your heart to Him and then you are saved.  With Jesus’ help, you can do everything He tells us in His word to do.  And then we show that we are friends of Jesus.  He fulfilled the task of suffering, dying and rising, for us.  It was not easy, but He did it for us.

 In the same way, we can follow Jesus’ example to fulfill the mission He has for us.  The mission is in the Bible.  Of course, it will not always be easy, but with Jesus it will work.  As you face your cross, just as Jesus faced His, remember that Jesus walked that path before you.  Let that insight give strength to your heart, that you have a friend who loved you so much that He completed the mission.

 Our crosses can mean various challenges we face, as we need to deny ourselves and let Jesus help us do what He says in His word, the Bible.  There may also be times when you experience how the Holy Spirit leads you to do something specific.  Maybe you tremble on the inside or maybe it feels uncomfortable.  Remember then that what God says to us in His word and through His Spirit, He also wants to help us do.  But God will not do it for us, or instead of us.  Let us gladly do what Jesus commands us to do.  Jesus is wonderful.

 God bless you.

 / David Billström