“He restores my soul; He leads me in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” Ps. 23:3

The well-known Psalm 23 from the Bible, talks about how the LORD is involved and helps His people.  Being a Christian is about walking and having fellowship, with God.  In a life as a follower of Jesus, blessings and miracles follow.  God has promised to never abandon His children, He cares.

 But walking on the right paths and following Jesus also means that you encounter problems, you can be persecuted and hated because you believe in Jesus.  One’s faith will be tested, this is normal Christian life.  It will not always be easy, even if you walk in the paths of righteousness.

 Those who walk the paths of sin and their own paths, get some pleasures of sin, but also problems.  Some seem to get more pleasure from sin than others.  But, what they have in common, in any case, is that they live without hope and without God in the world (Eph. 2:12).

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.” Ps. 23:6 

With God’s mercy, it will go well for Jesus’ followers and the final destination will one day be heaven, forever.  There is God, angels and all the children of God, those saved by Jesus.  No sin, fight or disease is in heaven but only purity, glory and sweetness.  What a wonderful day it will be to one day get there.  Thank you Jesus.

 Those who all their lives walked the paths of sin and their own ways without letting Jesus save them, will have their final destination in hell, forever.  There is fire, torment, the devil, evil spirits and lost souls.

 You who have not yet let Jesus save you, come to your senses today.  Time on earth is very short in the perspective of eternity.  The final destination is final, for all eternity.

 Come to Jesus today, before it is too late, and let Him reconcile you to God.  Turn, in your heart, away from your own ways to Jesus instead.  Put your faith in Him and tell Jesus that you want forgiveness for all your sins.  Today you can start a new life with Jesus.

“For, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved.”” Rom. 10:13

Jesus wants to help you both to walk on the right paths and to one day get to heaven as your final destination.  Read more in for example the Gospel of John in the Bible.

 God bless you.

 / David Billström