“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life.” John 3:16

Jesus was not religiously correct.  Jesus is the truth and speaks truth in love.  But, Jesus would surely still have been called extreme, exclusive and undiplomatic if He walked the earth today.  It all depends on who you asked.  For others would surely say of Jesus, that they had never met such love, care, and power from anyone else as from Him.

 Christian religious correctness has itself at the center, not others, and therefore it never disturbs anyone and so it deceives the convictions of its own heart.  But the messengers of truth put their reputation at risk and are willing to be misunderstood and hated, when they do everything just to try to help.  A genuine messenger of the gospel works to truly help people, genuine love is the driving force.  Therefore, misunderstanding, contempt, prejudice and hatred are not an obstacle, for love sees the value of human beings and that the eternity of human souls is at stake.  The superficial image of religious correctness does not help anyone, because reality is about saving souls for eternity.  And in that mission, to save people, it includes both joy and grief, ups and downs, tears and cheers and that you get to meet both love and hate.

 The Bible verse at the top of this article is one of the most famous and quoted verses from the Bible.  It was Jesus who said those words.  That verse speaks of God’s love, God’s Son, faith, hell and heaven.

 It is not about being religiously correct, but about conveying the message of salvation – that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the only way to God.  And since Jesus is the only way, shouldn’t it be important that we make sure that every person hears and understands the gospel?

 Silence does not help people, but leads them into a false sense of security.  Jesus saves, restores and forgives those who come to Him.  Jesus transforms and helps people today.  So, let’s tell about Jesus and not be locked into some kind of unrealistic bubble (or church).  The price Jesus paid for each person through His death and resurrection, was higher than we can understand, but His love made Him do it.  Love proven through blood, sweat, suffering and death, a completely different reality compared to polishing one’s self-absorbed own image and seeking one’s own comfort.  Gospel means good news, so let’s tell what Jesus has done and wants to do for those who come to Him.

 You who have not yet been reconciled to God, you can tell Jesus today that you want Him to reconcile you to God.  Put your faith and trust in Jesus and confess Him as your Lord.  Today you can start a new life with Jesus.  Feel free to read more in the Bible, for example you can start with the Gospel of John and learn to follow Jesus every day.

God bless you.

 / David Billström