“Be still and know that I am God;…” Ps 46:10

Times, moments and circumstances come and go.  Sometimes it’s calm and sometimes anything but calm.  God is always the same and His word remains.  The meaning of life is to walk in fellowship with God, to share life here on earth with God and then in heaven for all eternity.  Man was created to have fellowship with God.

 Throughout the Bible, it is a recurring theme about the struggle between light and darkness and how man is in the midst of that struggle.  The Bible is full of examples of ordinary people who have done impossible things with God.

 God’s advice to you today is – Be still.  Calm down and be cool.  It starts with being still and not chasing up yourself with all the jumble that goes on around.

 Then the solution comes from God – Know that I am God.  Those five words contain so much.  God is all you and I need.  If it is wisdom you need, then He is your wisdom.  If you need guidance, He is your shepherd.  If it is comfort you need, then He is the one who wants to comfort you.  If it’s protection you need, He is your shield.  If it’s health you need, He is your healer.  If it’s strength you need, then He is your strength.  If it is forgiveness you need, then Jesus is the atoning sacrifice for your sins.

 Remember, at all times, that God is God.  As you do so and continue to keep your eyes on God, it will not be hard to believe.  Even when it’s shaking around you, you can be safe.  You can be cool because you count on God.  You know your God and know that He is faithful and love.  You know your God and know that He has all power.  It does not matter how much the devil roars and tries to scare, because you are safe in God.  God is God, praise Him for being who He is.  God is the greatest, best, most beautiful and strongest.  Praise the LORD! 

 God bless you.

 / David Billström