“Jesus, looking at them, said, “With men it is impossible, but not with God. For with God all things are possible.”” Mark 10:27

God is a preacher.  If you read the Bible, you will see how God has repeatedly spoken to people, preached, and it has helped people to believe.  Believing in God is about counting on God.  We live in a material world and our physical senses inform us about what is going on.  But that is not the whole reality.  There is a spiritual dimension as well, which is as real as the physical.

 It can often be experienced as a battle between what we see and feel and what God says.  God wants to help people trust Him.  Even you and I who believe in Jesus can help other people to believe.  We now live in an information society where we are daily flooded with information.  Many times it can lead to fear, hopelessness and confusion.

 Pointing to Jesus, who He is and the victory He has won through His death and resurrection, instills hope and faith.  Pointing to God’s goodness and power also gives hope and faith.  Preaching is about helping people to believe.  Not just saying they should believe, but saying what God says and telling about Him, it gives faith.

 The Bible tells us how ordinary people have done impossible things through their faith in God.  It also tells us how people suffered and had unnecessary problems because they chose not to believe.  Maybe your faith is shaky today and circumstances are challenging you?  Open your Bible and let Jesus preach to you.  Let God speak into your life.  Let the word of God lift you up today.  Listen to preachers who help you believe by revealing Jesus, His finished work and life within every believer.

 Your faith, which may be shaky today, can become strong and tomorrow you may preach to someone else and so help that person to believe. 

“He said, “What is impossible with men is possible with God.”” Luke 18:27

 God bless you.

 / David Billström