“The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him and said, “Look, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world.”” John 1:29

Jesus is wonderful and He is our hero.  His love and power transform people’s lives daily.  With Jesus comes joy, peace and hope.  He walks through walls and into the deepest darkness and despair, to help when someone calls on Him.  With Jesus, there is always a way.

 The more you see of Jesus, the more you want to tell others.  No one needs to tell you to tell, but it comes naturally.  What Jesus has done for all people by sacrificing Himself for our sins and rising from the dead to transform life, it gives hope.  Jesus came to redeem the guilt of sin and break its power.  When Jesus lives in your heart, you are never alone.  Jesus wants to be your best friend and help you in everything.  He is genuinely interested in everything that concerns your life.  Nothing is too insignificant or too difficult for Him.

 Pointing people who do not believe, to Jesus, it makes people turn around and start believing.  When you see Jesus’ victory over sin, both its guilt and its power, then it can arouse a longing to come to Jesus.  Sin can have a short-lived pleasure, but the result is always trouble, guilt and death.  People’s will can be divided, that you both want to sin and at the same time also come to Jesus.  The good news is that Jesus knows how it feels to be tempted, but He never fell for the temptation.  Therefore, people can come to Jesus as they are and let Him both forgive them, break the power of sin over their lives and help them not to fall for the temptations.  This is what the Bible calls repentance and faith.

 Man cannot reconcile himself to God or earn a place in heaven.  Nor can one break different types of bad habits in one’s life, at least not completely.  Man’s will and ability are not strong enough for that.  But that is exactly why Jesus wants to save.  Instead of pointing to all the sins and problems, let us point to Jesus as the solution.  Let us point to Jesus’ death, resurrection, and life today.  It gives hope, faith and a desire in people to come to Jesus.  And then the miracle happens, the burden of sin is removed and the power of sin is broken.  When you believe in Jesus, He puts His will into your life, you get new interests and an ability that we can never bring up in our own strength, to live in the freedom and purity that God intended for us.

 “Let us look to Jesus,…” Hebr. 12:2

 God bless you.

 / David Billström