“Those on the rock are the ones who, when they hear the word, receive it with joy. But these have no root, for they believe for a while, then in the time of temptation fall away.” Luke 8:13

The gospel and the message of God’s grace and love bring joy.  The gospel is the gospel of grace, it is happy and good news.  Jesus has won victory for us humans and we can receive.  Jesus also wants to live His life through our lives and help us live in victory over things that want to pull us down.  This message brings joy and it becomes a reality in one’s life through faith. If you don’t get happy with what you hear, you must ask yourself if it is the gospel you are hearing.

 The gospel is something for us to live by every day.  It covers every area of ​​our lives.  Through Jesus’ death and resurrection, abundant grace is available.  This brings joy.

 God wants us to be deeply rooted in His goodness.  Fill yourself with teaching that focuses on Jesus and the gospel.  It makes you rooted in grace and your faith becomes stronger.  God is so good and full of love and genuine interest in what concerns our lives.  Fill yourself with the revelation of God’s grace and the gospel from the Bible.  See and be rooted in what Jesus has done for you and also wants to do in and through you.

 Do not let the circumstances, challenges, and misrepresentations of God fill your life.  Do not be focused on yourself but let Jesus be your focus.  If you believe in Jesus, then God looks at you in Christ, so see yourself in the same way.  Receive the word of God’s goodness and grace with joy and continue to receive and believe in it every day.  Be rooted in God’s grace and joy will then be something that lasts in your life.

 God bless you.

 / David Billström