*Let brotherly love continue…But do not forget to do good and to share. For with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” Hebr. 13:1, 16

One becomes and remains saved by grace, by believing in Jesus.  When Jesus lives in your heart through the Holy Spirit, He wants to live His life through you, in cooperation with you.  It works only by grace and by trusting that Jesus lives His life through you.

 But, we are not robots but still have our free will.  But the wonderful thing is that when Jesus lives in your heart, God works in your will.  God has as a “runway” in your life through Jesus.  God gives us thoughts that are in line with the Bible.

 Before pilots take off with the aircraft, they have a checklist that they go through.  They probably remember most things in their head, but they always follow the checklist for different situations they encounter.  In the New Testament, the Bible exhorts us in terms such as “let us”, “let brotherly love continue” and “do not forget”.  Therefore, we let God speak into our lives daily through the Bible as a checklist and we also check with Jesus’ guidance in our heart in daily life.  God leads us through the written word, the Bible, and through the guidance of the Spirit and they never oppose each other.  And everything we do, we do because we are already loved by God, not to try to be loved by God.

 God bless you.

 / David billström