“Come to Me…” Matt. 11:28

 God created man for communion.  Just as it is natural for children to have fellowship with their parents, so it is also natural for man to have fellowship with his Creator.  Through Jesus, the relationship between God and man is established.

 Maybe you never came to Jesus?  It is something you do by believing in Him in your heart.  That faith can be expressed by talking to Jesus.  It is called praying.  Today you can come to Jesus with all your burdens.  And if you have no burdens, you can come anyway.  For the fact is that it is God who carries you, He sustains you.  That you live, that you can breathe, is a work of God.  Life is a gift, by grace.  Come home today by believing in Jesus.  Then you will be reconciled to God.

 Then there are others, like myself, who have believed in Jesus for many years.  Even you and I who already believe are called to come to Jesus today again.  With Him is fellowship, love, power, mercy, wisdom, rebuke, and joy.  Our main mission, or call it privilege, is to be with Jesus.  No one is too young or too old, too educated or uneducated or too rich or poor.

 Listen, Jesus is calling on you – “Come to Me…”

 God bless you.

 / David Billström