“He commanded us to preach to the people…” Acts 10:42

 When you read the Acts of the Apostles, you see that the apostles moved among the people.  They preached the gospel in area after area, to and among the people.  That is how they fulfilled the mission of Jesus.  They did not sit on any kind of throne with fine clothes and a crown on their heads and expected the people to come to them.  They did not just move in their offices and were generally invisible except when there was a service. 

“But when He saw the crowds, He was moved with compassion for them, because they fainted and were scattered, like sheep without a shepherd.” Matt. 9:36

 Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the foremost example of all, was constantly moving among the people.  He did not distance Himself in any way, to give the impression of having some kind of position of power.  He was constantly at the level of the people, not some kind of bully.

 The thinking of the world goes against the thinking of God.  God Himself came down here to earth.  Jesus is the greatest servant of all.  Having a ministry is a function, not a title that should impress people.

 If the apostles and even Jesus Himself could move among the people, how much more then we, His disciples today?  Let Jesus and the apostles be your role models, not the leaders of this world or the institutional church “leaders”.

 See you, out among the people.

 God bless you.

 / David Billström