“Therefore the promise comes through faith, so that it might be by grace… ” Rom. 4:16

 Grace means free, undeserved kindness.  To get what you do not deserve, it’s not a salary but a free gift.  God’s grace flows towards every human being.  There is abundant grace for help, for all people, in all situations.  There is grace to salvation for every human being.  But in order for God’s grace to be able to do its work, for salvation, healing, protection or whatever the need is, you need to receive it.

 Faith receives grace from God and then it can do its work.  The Bible says that we should live by faith (Rom. 1:17), that is, all the time, as a lifestyle.  Faith counts on God and His promises.  The promises from God are in the Bible and maybe God has also spoken promises through His Spirit, in your heart.

 When we live by faith, we live by God’s grace, because faith receives God’s gifts.  Believe in God, believe in the word of God, believe in Jesus and believe in what the Spirit of God puts in your heart.  Everything is by grace from beginning to end and when we live in faith, God is glorified through our lives.

 God bless you.

 / David Billström