A number of years ago, my friends and I had outdoor meetings in an Asian country.  The gospel was preached night after night in this predominantly Hindu area.

 The Lord worked and people started to believe and experienced miracles.  Last night, a guy came and told us something that describes the power of the gospel in a very good way.

 He said that before the outdoor meetings came to his area, he was like a walking stick.  Because of past fightings in the country, most of his closest family and friends had died or disappeared.  He had, because of the traumatic experiences, more or less lost everything called, emotions.  He was like living dead.

 But, the last night after the meeting, he told that now he could see with hope for the future.  Not because the circumstances had changed, but because something had happened in his heart.

 This is exactly what gospel is all about.  We are transformed on the inside as Jesus moves into our heart. Jesus forgives all sins and cleanses us in His blood.

 Another thing had happened to the guy.  During the war he got a grenade splinter in his body.  Doctors couldn’t remove it.  Every day he had pain because of the injury.  But now he said that the pain was gone.

 This is what Jesus is doing today.  He transforms hearts with His forgiving and saving power.  Jesus also heals physical sicknesses and injuries.

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” Hebr. 13:8

 God bless you.

 / David Billström