“Then Jesus came and spoke to them, saying…” Matt. 28:18

People have opinions, talk and comment here and there. Sometimes thoughtful and factual. Sometimes in a reactionary and emotional way. Diagnosis and judgments are declared. Promises are given and promises are broken. Gossip, slander and bullying are around us.

Jesus appears

If you want to see Jesus appear and hear Him speak, open and read the Bible. Jesus has something to say concerning our lives. Have you received a negativ diagnosis? Jesus speaks life. Have someone lied about you and dragged your name in the dirt? Jesus speaks love and restitution. Have you said something wrong? Jesus speaks forgiveness.

The sheep hears the voice of the shepherd

As believers in Jesus we can hear Jesus speak in our heart. You recognize Him on the voice. He is gentle and humble, but not wimpy or unclear. Jesus gives hope and peace. When Jesus speaks, the storm gets calm and darkness is dispersed. Let Jesus to speak to you, both from the Bible and in your heart. 

God bless you.

/ David Billström